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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  Gen R 929.37812 ROT 2008 Osborne County Kansas Nineteenth Century Marriages 1872-1899 Von Rothenberger
View Record  GEN R 929.1088BER Our Quaker Ancestors Berry, Ellen & David
View Record  Our Quaker Kin and Allied Families Steven Earl Coulter
View Record  Gen R 286.1768 CAW 1985 Pioneer Baptist Church Records of South Central Kentucky and Upper Cumberland of Tennessee 1799-1899 C.P. Cawthorn and N.L. Warnell
View Record  GEN R 929.3744 PLY Plymouth Church Records 1620-1859 New Eng Soc In Nyc
View Record  Gen R 929.3744 PLY v 2 Plymouth Church Records 1620-1859 vol 2 New Eng Soc & NY
View Record  GEN R 974.829 QUA Quaker Bioographical Sketches Heiss, Willard
View Record  GEN R 929.02 HEI Quaker Genealogies: A Selected List Of Books Heiss/Hamm
View Record  GEN R 929.3088286 BJO Quaker Marriage Certificates - North Carolina, 1677-1800 Bjorkman, Gwen B
View Record  GEN R 929.1072 ELL Quaker Records Elliott, Wendy L
View Record  GEN R 929.34133 QUA Quaker Records Dublin - Will Abstracts Eustace/Goodbody
View Record  GEN R 289.6752 JAC Quaker Records In Maryland Jacobsen, Phebe R
View Record  GEN R 289.6744 SEL Quakers In Boston 1656-1964 Selleck, George A
View Record  GEN R 289.673 ELL Quakers On The American Frontier Elliott, Errol T
View Record  GEN R 28638758 STA Records Of Midway Congregational Church, Liberty Co Ga Stacy, James
View Record  GEN R 929.3 KIR Survey Of American Church Records Vol I Major Denomina Kirkham, E Kay
View Record  GEN R 929.3 KIR V.2 Survey Of American Church Records Vol Ii Minor Denomina Kirkham, E Kay
View Record  Gen R 286.576 The Brethren in Tennessee and Alabama Sappington, Roger E
View Record  Gen R 929.377543 SAI 1966 The Parish Register of St. Peter's, New Kent County Virginia Colonial Dames of America, VA
View Record  GEN R 973.2 FIS The Quaker Colonies Fisher, Sydney G
View Record  GEN R 929.3744 HAL The Quaker Invasion Of Massachusetts Hallowell, Richard P
View Record  GEN R 289.6 SYK The Quakers- A New Look At Their Place In Society Sykes, John
View Record  Gen R 974.6 BAC Thirteen Historical Discourses on the Completion of Two Hundred Year: From the Beginning of the First Church in New Haven Bacon, Leonard
View Record  Gen R 929.3752 DAU 1971 Tombstone Inscriptions of Southern Anne Arundel County Marlborogh Town Chapter DAR
View Record  GEN R 026.282 HUM U. S. Catholic Sources Humling, Virginia
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Records: 26 to 50 of 52