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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  GEN R 929.60941 JOH Scottish Heraldry Made Easy Johnston, H.
View Record  GEN R 929.1 STR Slave Genealogy: A Research Guide With Case Studies David Streets
View Record  Gen R 929.1715 PUN v.3 Some Scots in Maritime Canada Terrence M Punch
View Record  GEN R 976.3 JOH Soul By Soul: Life inside the Antebellum Slave Market Johnson, Walter
View Record  Gen R 929.1072 BEI 2014 The Family Tree German Genealogy Guide Beidler, James M
View Record  Gen R 284.509 REA 1963 The Huguenots in Europe, The United States, South Africa and Canada Elmore, Reaman
View Record  GEN R 929.3 HOT The Original Lists of Persons of Quality Hotten, J. C.
View Record  Gen R 929.3089 DOB The Original Scots Colonist of Early America 1612-1783 Dobson, David
View Record  Gen R 942.01 STE 1971 The Oxford History of Anglo-Saxon History 3rd ed Stenton, Sir Frank
View Record  Gen R 572. 821 BEN The Races of Britain Beddoe, John
View Record  Gen R 572.821 BEN The Races of Britain Beddoe, John
View Record  GEN R 929.10899 LEN Tracing Ancestors Among The Five Civilized Tribes Mills, Rachel
View Record  Ge R 929.10285 HAR 2005 Tracing Your Baltic, Scandinavian, Eastern European & Middle Eastern Ancestry Online Hart, Anne
View Record  Gen R 929.1072 GRA 2012 Tracing Your Caribbean Ancestors revised 3rd ed Grannum, Guy
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Records: 26 to 39 of 39