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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  Gen R 929.20973 STI v 2 The History of Ancient Windsor vol 2 Stiles, Henry Reed
View Record  Gen R 975.6913 GRI 1730-1936 The History of Old Tryton and Rutherford Counties Clarence W. Griffin
View Record  Gen R 979.498 MCM The History of Valley Center:The Homestead Years 1860-1900 McHenry, Petei
View Record  Gen R 929.2 HOL 1902 The Holders of Holderness Higginson
View Record  Gen R 284.509 REA 1963 The Huguenots in Europe, The United States, South Africa and Canada Elmore, Reaman
View Record  GEN R 301.4519 G The Irish In America, ?550-1972: Chronology & Fact Book Griffin, William D
View Record  Gen R 976.62403 LAS 1967 The Last Run, Kay County Oklahoma.1893. Stories Assembled by the Ponca City Chaptr of the Daughters of the American Revolution DAR
View Record  Gen R 974. 40209 Dud-J The Life and Work of Thomas Dudley, The Second Governor of Massachusetts Jones, Augstine
View Record  Gen R 978.8020 Wis The lost Cities of Colorado Wickersheim & Lebaron
View Record  Gen R 976.944 LOU 1832 The Louisville Directory for the Year 1832 Otis, Verdin
View Record  Gen R 929.72 Wwi 1991 The Magna Charta Sureties 1215: The Barons Named in The Magna Charta, 1215 and Some of Their Descendants who Sttled in America, 1607-1650 Weis, Frederick Lewis
View Record  Gen R 929.3756 RAY 1962 The Mecklenberg Signers and Their Neighbors Worth S. Ray
View Record  GEN R 917.48 VAN The Old And New Monongahela - Westmoreland County, Pa Van Voorhis, Jan
View Record  GEN R 917.5203 RAD The Old Line State: History Of Maryland Radoff, Morris L
View Record  Gen R 929.3UNI 1969 The Old United Empire Loyalist List Ontario Genealogical Society
View Record  Gen R 929.3089 DOB The Original Scots Colonist of Early America 1612-1783 Dobson, David
View Record  Gen R 929.3089 Dob 1999 The Original Scots Colonist of Early America, Caribbean Supplement 1617-1707 Dobson, David
View Record  Gen R 942.01 STE 1971 The Oxford History of Anglo-Saxon History 3rd ed Stenton, Sir Frank
View Record  Gen R 929.377543 SAI 1966 The Parish Register of St. Peter's, New Kent County Virginia Colonial Dames of America, VA
View Record  Gen R 929.3741 POP The Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire Pope, Charles
View Record  Gen R 929.72094 Tur 2005 The Platagenet History Turton, W H
View Record  Gen R 929.3744 CONN v 1 1992 The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut Prior to the Union with New Haven Colony May 1665 vol 1 Trumbull, J Hammond
View Record  Gen R 572. 821 BEN The Races of Britain Beddoe, John
View Record  Gen R 572.821 BEN The Races of Britain Beddoe, John
View Record  GEN R 929.70973 ROB 2008 The Royal Descendants of 600 Immigrants to American Colonies of the United States Gary Boyd Roberts
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Records: 176 to 200 of 216